A new wave of
snacks is coming!

Sotbean ingredient

Soy Jerky is a processed soybean snack of
seasoned soybean protein.
Not only rich in vegetable protein,
it has plenty of dietary fibers,
is low in lipids, and is a new era of sensual delight.

Using soybean ingredients

low in
rich in
Using soybean ingredients, it is low in lipids and rich in dietary fiber, with soybean being an excellent vegetable protein resource.
Graph: nutrient components
Soybeans, familiar to Japanese people, contain a lot of protein compared with other cereals, such as wheat.
The protein content of soybean is comparable to that of beef. Soybean is such an excellent vegetable protein resource that it is often referred to as the “meat of the field.”
Its nutritional value score is as high as
that of eggs and beef!
Graph: Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS)
Protein is made up of various kinds of amino acids. Amino acids that cannot be synthesized in humans are called essential amino acids. Among the essential amino acids in food, the scores for ease of digestion (PDCAAS) of soybean protein have been evaluated as being as high as that of eggs and beef, and it has been confirmed to be a nutritionally excellent protein.