Candy with Toy

Candy with Toy

  • Hone Hone Zaurus  (Bone Dinosaur)

    Hone Hone Zaurus (Bone Dinosaur)

    Boy's cool bone-dinosaur plastic kit with a stick of chewing gum. There are 8 different styles of dinosaur available, collecting them all and you can build special character model.

  • Sebon Star

    Sebon Star

    Girl’s love pretty pendant accessories with a small bar of chocolate. There are 20 different styles of pendant available, and you can enjoy collecting them all.

  • Jewel Box

    Jewel Box

    Girl’s favorite genuine accessories renewed with a small bar of chocolate. Have fun matching the colors.

  • Majorette Mini Car

    Majorette Mini Car

    It is a die-cast minicar of Majorette company of the top share in world share boasting a history and tradition of more than 50 years.

  • Sylvanian Families

    Sylvanian Families mini series

    Mini size of Sylvanian Families are available now.Sylvanian Families (dollhouses and animal families that live like humans) are popular among children world wide.Since the dolls and furniture are included, you can enjoy playing right away. There are 4 varieties of product range.

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  • Plarail Ofuro de Mizuasobikko(Plarail type water gun)

    Plarail Ofuro de Mizuasobikko(Plarail type water gun)

    “Plarail (=Plastic rail)” popular among children are now available in the shape of water gun and it can be played even in the bath! There are 8 varieties of lineup.

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  • Saku Saku Panda

  • Charge Tablets

  • Pureral Gummy

  • Juicy C

  • Hone Hone Zaurus

  • Sebon Star