Saku Saku Panda
With your herat, 70 PANDAs


Saku Saku Panda Dark & Milk Chocolate

Good combination of crispy biscuit and double layered chocolate. Enjoy the tastiness of milk chocolate, dark chocolate and crispy biscuit.

Milk chocolate in harmony with cacao and milk. Rich biscuits. Gorgeous bitter chocolate.
Saku Saku Panda
Saku Saku Panda Mellow Pistachio Latte

Saku Saku PandaMellow Pistachio Latte

The combination of mellow milk-flavored chocolate, chocolate with pistachio paste, and fragrant biscuits is made in the style of a latte, perfect for winter.
Enjoy the taste of milk and pistachios, two layers!
Mellow milk-flavored chocolate. Fragrant biscuits. Chocolate with pistachio paste.

Saku Saku Panda Family Package(17g×5)

Good combination of crispy biscuit and white chocolate. There are 5 small packs(17g) in a family package. The print of small pack is very funny and cute. Let’s share with your family and friends!

The frontside is chocolate. The backside is crispy biscuit.
Saku Saku Panda Family Package