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History of Juicy C

Whether with regular flavors that everyone loves, or with new flavors reflecting the spirit of the age, we always pursue the deliciousness. More than 50 combinations of tastes of Juicy C have been released.

  • 1965

    “Edible juice” [Juice C] was born

    “Edible juice” [Juice C] was born, tarting with powdered juice, which was a popular product of Kabaya at that time. We took hints on vitamin preparations from pharmaceutical manufacturers with a view to providing a more delicious product more easily. We thereby added vitamin C and solidified it into a tablet for sale. “Juice + Vitamin C → Juicy C” was the origin of the name (the product name at that time was “Juicy C Cut”).
    After that, it became no longer possible to add vitamin C, with changes in Japanese dietary habits. From around 1980, Juice C began to contain calcium, a nutrient essential for the growth of children. Currently, we are in an era of satiation, or over-nutrition, but Juicy C still contains calcium, which is also lacking in modern people.
    Whereas the “Ramune” tablet, soft and easy to be melted, was popular among children at that time, the hard tablet of “Juicy C”, delivered the refreshing feeling was newly reflected in the eyes of children and was a splendid hit. Originally, it had three flavors: orange, lemon, and mint.

  • 1966

    Fun “Juicy C” was born!

    Juicy C comes from the mouth of the newly released character, the fun “Juicy C Double.” Foreign-style pop characters were extremely popular with children.

  • 1974

    The price was increased to 50 yen because of the oil shock. This price had remained for coming 30 years since then.

  • 1975

    Juicy C’s 10th anniversary

    Full model change for the 10th anniversary

    The product celebrated its 10th anniversary, and the package became stylish.

    Now it can sing the CM song “Kaba DonDon”!

    The CM song “Kaba DonDon (as it was known),” which was popular on TV commercials in the late 1970s, was memorable for its light melody and catchy jingle. Even now, there are people who associate this CM song with the company name of Kabaya and sing it out.

    Kabaya♪ Kabaya-ya♪ Kaba DonDon♪ Juicy C♪ Juicy C♪
    On... your lips<Kabaya! > ♪ Juicy ... C

  • 1979 to 1993

    New flavors appeared one after another!

    In addition to the classic flavors, such as strawberry, orange, green apple, and grape, we launched Juicy C in flavors that were popular at the time, such as grapefruit and kiwi, incorporating novel materials.
    • 1979 Grapefruit
    • 1993 Melon
    • 1985 Kiwi Fruit
    • 1989 Mixed Fruit

  • 1994

    Packaging with fruit characters

    Continuing the existing package color scheme, we invented fruit characters and made the design cuter for children.

  • 1995

    Juicy C’s 30th anniversary

    New cider taste and yogurt taste released

    We used glucose and sugar combinations and reviewed the quality from the main ingredients to make further upgrades. Cider taste and yogurt taste were added to commemorate the 30th anniversary. The “fruit yogurt” taste with candy chips was a novelty, and the first time we launched a flavor other than fruit.

  • 1999

    The theme is “nostalgic and delicious.” Retro design used in packaging.

    Launched with the theme of “nostalgic and delicious,” the package was redesigned following the design based on the original circles and squares.

  • 2000

    Juicy C’s 35th anniversary

    35th anniversary commemorative product
    Limited-edition launch of the Golden Delicious flavor

    Limited-edition products commemorating the 35th anniversary of Juicye C launch (June to August).
    Released in shiny golden package to mark special commemoration, Juicy C was marketed as a premium product with Golden Delicious taste.

  • 2001

    Orange taste resurrected after 10 years! atermelon taste also released

    Among Juicy C products, there were many requests from customers for “Orange.” The taste was revived for the first time in 10 years. We also launched the summer-only watermelon Juicy C. The red watermelon tastes as though it contains three bursts of cool yellow watermelon. Cute animal motifs (12 kinds in total) are included on the top of the cap.

  • 2002

    Package renewal!

    The classic Juicy C package was renewed with fruit characters for extra fun. Three flavors were produced: grape, strawberry, and cider.

    Launch of seasonal product Juicy C White

    During meetings with convenience store chain managers, aimed at increasing Juicy C recognition, one sales representative proposed increasing the seasonal feeling and “limited feeling,” giving rise to Juicy C White. The white type, with the image of snow falling and piling up, was released for a limited time.
    Refreshing yogurt taste became popular among females, and a winter limited-edition Juicy C was launched in the winter of 2003.

  • 2003

    Two delicious flavors for a double-delicious Juicy C

    Spring-only Juicy C: Peach and Cherry Flavor
    Summer-only Juicy C: Cola and lemon squash finished to a refreshing sourness which children like
    Seasonal Juicy C: Red apple and Green apple

  • 2004

    Renewal design!

    To commemorate our 40th anniversary, designs with the familiar hippopotamus were released on TVCM and our website.

  • 2006

    The birth of Juicy C + throat lozenge!

    Juicy C throat lozenge

    Attaching Juicy C to colorful candy makes for a fun-looking throat lozenge.

  • 2007

    New Juicy C Blue Hawaii!

    We launched Juicy C Blue Hawaii, a popular flavor with shaved ice, in summer. It has a refreshing taste, perfect for summer.

    Refreshing taste Juicy C for the 19-year-old you

    Juicy C19 (Nineteen)

    Juicy C having the taste of mint and fruit for young females. We launched the lemon and lemongrass flavor (in photo, left) and blackcurrant orange and jasmine flavor (in photo, right).

    Juicy C as a supplementing glucose!

    Juicy C Glucose

    In response to requests from type 1 diabetic patients, we started development of products suitable for supplementing glucose.

  • 2008

    Tropical fruit mix flavor newly released!

    We released the “Tropical Juicy C,” a mixed tropical fruits only for summer season.

  • 2009

    Five new flavors!

    Grapefruit and Pink Grapefruit (new flavor)

    Grapefruit and Pink Grapefruit, two refreshing tastes in one new Juicy C flavor, released seasonally

    Watermelon and Watermelon Soda (new flavor)

    Watermelon and Watermelon Soda, two summer tastes in one new Juicy C flavor Released

    Melon Soda (new flavor)

    The effervescent deliciousness of melon soda taste, released seasonally

    Juicy C Gold (new flavor)

    Mixed fruit flavors (golden peach, golden delicious, golden pineapple) released seasonally in gold packaging.

    Juicy C Orange and Lemon

    Juicy C celebrated its 45th anniversary in 2010. Orange and lemon flavors were included in the lineup at the time of the release.

  • 2010

    Three new flavors!

    Juicy C Melon Soda and Cool Melon (new flavor)

    Melon Soda and Cool Melon Taste, enjoy in summer.

    Juicy C Apple Squash (new flavor)

    Effervescent apple flavor.

    Juicy C Gold for more power!

    Mixed fruit flavors combining golden peach, golden pineapple, golden delicious (apple), and gold kiwi.

  • 2011

    Three new flavors!

    Juicy C Sour Pineapple and Pineapple Fizz (new release)

    Two pineapple flavors: “sour” and “fizz” .

    Juicy C Shaved Ice (new release)

    The launched lines were the shaved ice favorite “Strawberry Milk” flavor and cool soda “Ice-and-Strawberry” flavor.

    Juicy C Sweet Orange and Sour Orange (new release)

    The orange-flavored Juicy C combined “sweet orange” and “sour orange” flavors!

  • 2012

    Effervescence in your mouth
    Carbonated Juicy C (highly popular)

    Effervescent Cola

    Fun and delicious cola taste with pulp that fizzles the fun into your mouth.

    Two watermelons

    Sweet Red Melon flavor and Sour Yellow Melon flavor

    Melon and Melon Soda

    Two types of melon in a soda: red melon “melon flavor” and effervescent pulp “melon soda”

    Strawberry and Strawberry Soda

    Two fruity flavors: “strawberry” and fizzy “strawberry soda”

  • 2013

    Three new flavors!

    Tooth-friendly Juicy C grape/cider

    We released a sugar-free Juicy C that is kind to children’s teeth.

    Isotonic drink flavor

    Recommended for children’s gentle salinity supplement, the “Isotonic drink flavor” was released as good in summer.

    Energy drink flavor

    A delicious energy drink of calcium combined with iron.

  • 2015

    Two new flavors!

    Juicy C KiraKira Five (Assorted five flavors)

    Five flavors loved for over 50 years packed in a candy chip. A rare type of Juicy C engraved with a hippo character.

    Juicy C Shortcake flavor

    Shortcake flavor fizzy candy “Juicy C” celebrated its 50th anniversary. Strawberry flavor candy chip included.

  • 2016

    Juicy C Cola Float flavor

    It has been sold for more than half a century. Bite or lick, you can enjoy the large pulp ablet. “Juicy C” Cola Float flavor released in the spring-summer season only.