Charge Tablets ”For your 100% performance”

Enbun Charge Tablets

No. 1 Brand in the salt candy and tablets market share * Based on sales information from September 2021 to August 2022 in SRI+ survey done by INTAGE Inc.

Let's take salt and water when sweating!

Candy chips Citric Acid Granules Potassium Salt

In hot weather, perspiration causes a lot of moisture and salt to be lost. The important thing is the intake of salt that aids in frequent hydration and absorption of moisture.This salt tablet helps recharge salt quickly.

Yaruki Charge Tablets

Refreshing Lemon Flavor

Get a tasty boost of motivation with glucose!

Citric Acid Granules GABA (Gamma-AminoButyric Acid) Glucose Candy chip

This is an easy-to-dissolve tablet in the mouth that provides an easily and tasty charge of glucose, an instantly absorbable energy source.
You can easily and tasty recharge your energy for study, sports, hobbies, or any other time you want to motivate yourself.
In addition, it is an individually wrapped type that is convenient for sharing.