• Saku Saku Panda cookie package

    Saku Saku Panda

    A cute little chocolate biscuit in the form of a panda We combined milk chocolate with a crispy biscuit that is fragrant and rich flavored.

  • SakuSaku Panda family package

    SakuSaku Panda family package

    Saku Saku Panda cookie package for the family.

  • Doutor coffee beans chocolate

    Doutor coffee beans chocolate

    It is a chocolate which coated a whole coffee bean used in famous coffee chain "Doutor Coffee" in Japan. This chocolate coats the coffee beans made in Brazil with two layers of chocolate, white and milk chocolate. You can enjoy the deliciousness with a combination of the sweetness and bitterness.

  • Petit Pudding Chocolate

    Petit Pudding Chocolate

    Designed like pudding which is popular for kids. Caramel and custard flavored with two layers of chocolate. Just looks like, and tastes like pudding!! Nutrition

  • Petit Pastel

    Petit Pastel

    Crunchy colorful chocolate snacks. Kids can play being a shop keeper.

  • Almond Chocolate

    Almond Chocolate

    Savory almond coated with chocolate.

  • Gold Chocolate

    Gold Chocolate

    This chocolate sticks to the balance between cacao and milk. Bite size milk chocolate.

  • Finger Chocolate

    Finger Chocolate

    Crunchy biscuit coated with mellow chocolate.


  • Saku Saku Panda

  • Charge Tablets

  • Pureral Gummy

  • Juicy C

  • Hone Hone Zaurus

  • Sebon Star