Hone hone Zaurus

The latest series


The 32nd series of Kabaya original toy “Hone Hone Zaurus” is now available. This toy consists of colorful parts and developed based on the ideas created by Children all over Japan. Cool Special Accessories such as “Breathe Fire”, “Lightning Bolt” and so on are also attached. If collecting and assembling all of them, "Hone Hone Elemental Dragon", big size with a length of about 28 cm, can be made! You can freely rearrange and reassemble because of common joint! There are total 8 items.

* The release date may be changed depending on the sales situation of the previous series.

Product Details


  • ほねほねザウルス ブロックス

  • ほねほねザウルス(第32弾)

  • ほねほねザウルスx福井県立恐竜博物館SP