• Kari-Pori Candy

    Kari-Pori Candy

    Enjoyable crunchy stick candy. Bubbly yummy cola and grape soda flavor.

  • POKEMON Kari-Pori Candy

    POKEMON Kari-Pori Candy

    Enjoyable crunchy stick candy. It is an assort type which imaged the taste of items "psycho soda" and "mix ole" that comes out during the animation "Pocket monster".

    ©Nintendo・Creatures・GAME FREAK・TV Tokyo・ShoPro・JR Kikaku ©Pokémon

  • Can Baby Fruits

    Can Baby Fruits

    Sparkled design and tiny colorful candies containsgreen tea polyphenol which is good for teeth.

  • Hello Kitty Lozenge for kids

    Hello Kitty Lozenge for kids

    It is a candy for children for designing "Hello Kitty" for girls. Cute heart-shaped candies are four kinds of strawberry flavor, blue apple flavor, grape flavor, lemon flavor. It is in a container easy to hold and easy to open.

    ©1976, 2017 SANRIO CO., LTD. APPROVAL NO. G581779

  • Fruits Lozenge

    Fruits Lozenge

    One candy contains the same vitamin C as a whole lemon. Majority of people like these 5 fruits flavored candies.

  • Kinkan Karin Lozenge (kumquat and Chinese quince lozenge)

    Kinkan Karin Lozenge (kumquat and Chinese quince lozenge)

    This candy contains Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C and also nutrition functional food. There are two different flavors in a pack, kumquat and Chinese quince that aregood care for your throat.

  • Double Soda Candy

    Double Soda Candy

    140g an assortment of soda flavored candy. Two different fruit tastes are hidden in each one.

  • Muscat Candy

    Muscat Candy

    You can enjoy this elegant special flavor of hard muscat candy made with the queen ofgrapes.

  • Okinawa Black Candy

    Okinawa Black Candy

    This hard black candy made by roasted soybeans and itgives you savory.

  • Lozenge with ginger

    Lozenge with ginger

    It is a candy made of “Ginger” and good for your throat . It gives you a delicious taste with a harmony of spicy ginger and sweet honey. You can enjoy the original taste of ginger through ginger powder and chops grown in Kochi prefecture.

  • Golden Sesame Candy

    Golden Sesame Candy

    High savory and full bodied “golden sesame” knead, you can enjoy a deep savory taste.


  • Saku Saku Panda

  • Charge Tablets

  • Pureral Gummy

  • Soy Jerky

  • Juicy C

  • Hone Hone Zaurus

  • Sebon Star