• Fruits Lozenge

    Fruits Lozenge

    One candy contains the same vitamin C as a whole lemon. Majority of people like these 5 fruits flavored candies.

  • Kumquat throat candy

    Kumquat throat candy

    Each capsule contains about 1 lemon (about 20mg) of vitamin C. It also contains 21 kinds of herbal extracts such as kumquat extract and plantain, rosehip and eucalyptus. Kumquat taste with herb and mint.

  • Double Soda Candy

    Double Soda Candy

    140g an assortment of soda flavored candy. Two different fruit tastes are hidden in each one.

  • Okinawa Black Candy

    Okinawa Black Candy

    This hard black candy made by roasted soybeans and itgives you savory.


  • Saku Saku Panda

  • Charge Tablets

  • Pureral Gummy

  • Juicy C

  • Hone Hone Zaurus

  • Sebon Star